Won’t spare NEET leak accused: PM; Oppn walks out of RS

New Delhi, July 3 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday vowed to continue the fight against corruption and not spare those involved in NEET paper leak while slamming the Opposition for accusing the government of misusing central agencies and politicising various issues.

Replying to the debate on Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address in Rajya Sabha, Modi said that the government has given a free hand to investigating agencies to take action against the corrupt.

“No corrupt person can escape the law. This is Modi’s guarantee,” PM Modi said.

Opposition members staged a walkout from the upper house while the Prime Minister was addressing the members.

Kharge later said, “INDIA parties walked out of Rajya Sabha because Prime Minister Modi was lying. They say that we are against the Constitution, but the truth is that BJP-RSS, Jan Sangh and their political forefathers had strongly opposed the Constitution of India. They had burnt the effigies of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru at that time. This was a shameful thing.”

Before the Opposition members staged the walkout, the PM’s speech was marred by slogan shouting by INDIA MPs.

Undeterred by the din, PM Modi continued to attack the Congress party over a range of issues and took multiple jibes at it.

He termed the Grand Old Party as a parasite and said that it ate up the votes of allies. He asked the Opposition to stop ‘politicising’ Manipur issue saying the state will reject them.

PM Modi highlighted the achievements of his previous two terms and said that the next five years are crucial for the country.

“During elections, I used to tell people that the 10 years that we have worked are merely an appetizer of the kind of dreams and aspirations we have. Main course has started only now,” he said.

He took a jibe at former Congress President Sonia Gandhi also and said that, earlier, governments used to be run by remote control.

“There are some scholars here who believe the country will automatically become the third largest economy. These are the people who ran the government on either auto pilot mode or remote-pilot,” he said.

Modi cornered the Congress over Emergency and said that the party was the biggest threat to Constitution.

“The Congress party says Emergency happened in the past. Are your sins washed away with passing of time,” he said.

Modi said that each time something goes wrong some Dalit or OBC (in the Congress party) has to bear the brunt.

“They knew that they would lose the Lok Sabha Speaker election but still nominated a Dalit leader. In 2017, they knew they would be defeated but still Meira Kumar was fielded. They disrespected former President Ram Nath Kovind and left no stone unturned in insulting the first Dalit woman President of the country,” he said.

Following the reply of the Prime Minister, the Rajya Sabha adopted the Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address. The House was then adjourned sine die.

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