Who is responsible for dilapidated roads of MP Nagar

  • It is difficult to pass through these roads after rain
  • Vehicles meet accidents many times

Bhopal: The roads of MP Nagar have become very dilapidated. Big offices, many newspaper offices, big buildings and malls have been built in this area, where thousands of people come and go every day. Despite this, no responsible person is paying attention to these dilapidated roads and potholes. Due to these potholes and bad roads, there is always a danger of accidents.

It is to mention here that in MP Nagar, going up from Vishal Mega Mart, Bank Street, Manohar Dairy, service lane near Jyoti Talkies, crossing the service road in front of Milan Restaurant, the entire road is in very bad condition.

Now the question arises: where are the Municipal Corporation, the councillor of this area, PWD and road construction agencies doing, for this till now. Whereas, being a posh area, thousands of vehicles pass through these roads every day. Sources say that the MLA gets funds for the repair of these roads, but the work on these roads has not been done for many years.

Ramesh Prajapati, standing on the road in front of Milan, said that people take the help of service roads to avoid crowds and traffic, but here the service roads themselves are in a dilapidated condition. In such a situation, there are so many potholes in less space that it becomes very difficult to take out vehicles.
–       Ramesh Prajapati

Jai Gupta, while parking his vehicle in the parking lot of Vishal Mega Mart, said that the roads here are breaking down like this. If someone falls from the vehicle, his arms and legs will break, then who will be responsible for this? Despite having so many big Media presses in this area, no one is paying attention to this.
–       Jai Gupta

Santosh Gautam, who has a shop at MP Nagar intersection, says that there are so many potholes here, I see vehicles falling down due to these every day, but it is surprising that no one has ever come to fill or repair these potholes.
–       Santosh Gautam

Due to the code of conduct, work was completely stopped for 90 days. Now slowly all the work has started. Road construction and potholes on the roads are also being repaired. Right now, tar roads cannot be made due to rain, but soon the work of repairing cement roads will be done.
–       Prem Shankar Shukla, Municipal Corporation PRO

MP Nagar Zone-2 falls in our ward. Narmada pipeline work was done in this area and while closing it, very third class work was done. That work had to be done. Now that the budget has come, the work of our ward will be done as soon as possible.
–       Gohal Prasad, MP Nagar Zone-2 Councilor

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