Ward number 6 of the capital filled with garbage at some places and water at others

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Bhopal has 85 wards where there are a lot of problems. Different problems have come up from different wards. When Navabharat/Central Chronicle’s reporter reached ward number 6 to know the condition here, many problems came up. The condition of the localities here appeared to be very bad. Whereas, on talking to the responsible people about this, they said that no such problem is seen here.

In such a situation, what should the residents do and whom should they appeal to? This is a serious question. Many types of problems have come up from the colonies of this ward like frequent power cuts, water logging on the roads, problem of drinking water and heaps of garbage on the roads etc. The residents of the locality are facing a lot of problems due to these. The problems of the people increase further during the rainy days, but it is surprising that the public representative has not paid attention to this till now.

= Ward No. 6 has many problems

Actually, garbage is lying on the roads in all the areas around Airport Road, Laukheri, Kailash Nagar, Sunil Sood Petrol Pump, Lalghati, Barela Village, CTO, Panchvati Colony and Indra Vihar Colony which are included in Ward No. 6. No one cleans it. In the coming days, after more rains, when mosquitoes and flies start breeding on this garbage, diseases will spread. People will fall ill. Similarly, there is also the problem of frequent power cuts in this area. People here say that, as soon as it rains a little, the power goes off for 2-2 hours. In such a situation, if children have to study, they face a lot of problems. Not only this, the humidity after rain makes the situation worse than the heat. The roads are filled with water. The exit routes are filled with water. In such a situation, who is responsible for all these things?

Bunty Pawar, who lives near CTO, says that garbage is piling up in places like empty grounds. All the residents throw garbage here and go away. Nobody pays attention to this. If the children fall ill tomorrow, we will have to get them treated.
–       Bunty Pawar, CTO resident

Adil says that water is filled near Kailash Nagar. There is only one way to get out from there. If this is the condition during light rain, what will happen during heavy rain. Right now, people who travel in vehicles can still get out, but people who walk are facing a lot of problems.
–       Adil, Kailash Nagar resident

Uzaifa says that there is a lot of water filled in the areas near Laukhedi and Airport Road. This causes mud. Vehicles slip. Snakes and other insects crawl into the house.
–       Ujaifa, Laukheri resident

Regarding several problems happening in ward 6, councilor Jagdish Yadav says that no such problem remains here for a long time. As soon as the news is received, work is done on it. As far as the power outage is concerned, when trees are cut, the power is cut after taking permission. Otherwise, there can be a problem of electricity for the entire village. If there is any problem in the future, we will try to fix it immediately.
–       Jagdish Yadav, Councilor Ward No. 6


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