Violence at some places in Gwalior-Chambal, firing, stone pelting reported

Bhopal: Election Day in Madhya Pradesh, 2023, witnessed voting across all 230 seats of the state assembly. However, disturbing reports of violence are surfacing from the Gwalior-Chambal region. An incident involving gunfire occurred in the Dimani area of Morena, a prominent assembly seat. A clash erupted between two communities, resulting in the firing of bullets and pelting of stones, causing severe injuries to a youth, with three to four others reportedly wounded.

Following the incident, security personnel took control, lathicharged the troublemakers, and cleared them from the polling booth vicinity. Numerous individuals were apprehended, and police lathi-charged many after entering their homes. Police and BSF deployed to the area are attempting to restore order.

In response to the reported violence, security measures were heightened in the Dimani assembly constituency. SP Morena, Shailendra Singh, stated that the exact nature of the incident was yet to be confirmed, attributing the discord to disputes between households. Security forces were actively working to maintain a peaceful voting environment, conducting searches in the area.

Chaos at polling booths in Mirghan village, Morena

Chaos unfolded at polling booths 146 and 147 in Mirghan village, Morena, where both political parties accused each other of obstructing the voting process. The situation escalated to stone-pelting, leading to injuries, including a young man named Prince Tomar, who was hospitalized with shrapnel wounds.

Villagers blame Narendra Singh Tomar

Accusations emerged from villagers, alleging Minister Narendra Singh Tomar’s involvement in orchestrating hooliganism to secure victory. Villagers claimed they were prevented from reaching polling booths, facing physical assault during attempts to vote. Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, a BJP candidate in Dimani, faces competition from Ravindra Tomar of the Congress and Balveer Dandotiya of the BSP. Despite the allegations, the police denied any firing.

BJP candidate Rakesh Shukla was surrounded by attackers in Manharh village of Mehgaon assembly of Bhind. The guards had to fire in the air to protect themselves from the attackers. Rakesh Shukla has injured his leg and has been taken to the hospital.

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