UP: LS polls ‘unprecedented, created history’: PM Modi

Varanasi ( Uttar Pradesh), June 17 (UN) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that the mandate given by the people of the country in the recently concluded Lok Sabha election was really ‘unprecedented’ and it has created a ‘new history’.

Speaking after transferring the 17th installement of Rs 20,000 crore in the bank accounts of 9.26 crore farmers across the country during the Kisan Samman Sammelan, the PM, who was in his parliamentary constituency for the first time after election, said that in the democratic countries of the world it is very rare to see that an elected government returns for the third consecutive time.

He said, “This happened in India 60 years ago and now you have given this good fortune to your servant Modi. In a country like India where the youth’s aspirations are so big, where the people have so many dreams, if people give a government an opportunity to serve again after 10 years of work, then it is a very big victory and a great trust.”

Modi said, “This trust of yours is my biggest asset, this trust of yours inspires me to work hard to take the country to new heights for your continuous service. I will work hard like this day and night. I will make every effort to fulfill your dreams, to fulfill your resolutions.”

He thanked the people of Kashi for making him an MP and the PM for the third consecutive time. “I thank every voter of Banaras for making this festival of democracy successful. With the blessings of Baba Vishwanath and Mother Ganga, with the immense affection of the people of Kashi, I have got the privilege of becoming the Prime Servant of the country for the third time,” the PM said.

Modi said, “The people of Kashi have blessed me by electing me as their representative for the third consecutive time. It is also a matter of pride for the people of Banaras that the people of Kashi have not only elected me as their MP but also as the PM for the third time. Therefore, double congratulations to you people. Now it is as if Mother Ganga has also adopted me.”

On this occasion, he also presented certificates to the Krishi Didi who had come from all over the country.

The Prime Minister expressed his gratitude to the people of Kashi and said that I am grateful to you, I am indebted to you. He said that more than 64 crore people of the country have voted in this election. “There is no bigger election than this in the whole world. Even if we combine the voters of all the G-7 countries, the number of voters in India is one and a half times more than them. Even if we combine all the voters of the European Union, the number of voters in India is two and a half times more than them.

More than 31 crore women have participated in this election. This number is close to the entire population of America. This beauty, this strength of India’s democracy attracts and influences the whole world,” he said.

Modi said that we have considered farmers, youth, women power and the poor as the strong pillars of developed India. “I have started my third term with their empowerment. As soon as the government was formed, the first decision was taken related to farmers and poor families. Whether it is to build three crore new houses for poor families across the country or to take forward the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi, these decisions will help crores of people,” he said.

The Prime Minister said, “Today’s programme is also going to strengthen this path of developed India. Just a while ago, 20,000 crore rupees of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi have reached the bank accounts of crores of farmers across the country. Today, a big step has been taken towards making three crore sisters Lakhpati Didi. The new role of sisters as Krishi Sakhi will ensure both respect and new sources of income for them.”

Modi said, “PM Kisan Samman Nidhi has today become the world’s largest direct bank transfer scheme. So far, Rs 3.25 lakh crore have been deposited in the bank accounts of crores of farmer families of the country. Here, Rs 700 crore have been deposited in the accounts of farmers of Varanasi district.”

He said, “I am happy that technology has been used better to benefit the right beneficiary in PM Kisan Samman Nidhi. Just a few months ago, during theVikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra, more than one crore farmers have joined this scheme. The government has also simplified many rules to get the benefit of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi. When there is right intention, there is a spirit of service, then work in the interest of farmers and public is done at such a fast pace. The mantra of zero effect, zero defect has to be promoted in agriculture as well.”

Modi said that the entire agriculture system has a big role in making 21st century India the third largest economic power in the world. “We have to think globally, keep the global market in mind. We have to become self-sufficient in pulses and oilseeds and become a leader in agricultural exports. Banaras’ Langra mango, Jaunpur’s radish, Ghazipur’s ladyfinger, many such products are reaching the foreign market today,” he said.

The PM said that with the formation of One District One Product and export hubs at the district level, exports are increasing and production is also becoming of export quality. “Now we have to take the country to new heights in the global market of packaged food. My dream is that there should be some food grain or food product from India on every dining table in the world. Therefore, we have to promote the mantra of zero effect, zero defect in agriculture as well. Whether it is the production of coarse grain Shrianna, a crop with medicinal properties or moving towards natural farming, a big support system is being developed for farmers through PM Kisan Samridhi Kendras,” he said.

While discussing the contribution of women in agriculture, Modi said that it is impossible to imagine farming without mothers and sisters. “Therefore, now the role of mothers and sisters is being expanded in giving a new direction to farming. Like Namo Drone Didi, Krishi Sakhi programme is one such effort. We have seen the work of sisters as ASHA workers, we have seen the role of sisters in creating Digital India as bank friends, now we will see farming getting new strength as Krishi Sakhi.

Today more than 30,000 support groups have been given certificates as Krishi Sakhi. This scheme has started in 12 states and in the coming time thousands of women groups will be linked to it across the country. This campaign will also help in creating 3 crore Lakhpati Didis,” he said.

He said that in the last 10 years, the central government and for 7 years the state government have worked with full dedication for the farmers of Kashi. “Banas Dairy has worked to change the fate of farmers and cattle rearers of Banaras and surrounding areas. Today this dairy is collecting about 3 lakh liters of milk every day,” the PM said.

Modi said that More than 14,000 cattle keepers of Banaras alone have been registered with this dairy. “Now Banas Dairy is going to add 16,000 more cattle keepers of Kashi in the next one and a half years. After the arrival of Banas Dairy, the income of many milk producers of Banaras has increased by up to Rs 5 lakh,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that last year, more than 100 crore rupees bonus was sent to the accounts of cattle keepers. “Hundreds of farmers of Banaras are benefiting from PM Matsya Sampada Yojana. They are now also getting the facility of Kisan Credit Card. A modern fish market is also being developed in Chandauli at a cost of about 70 crores,” he said.

Modi said that around 40,000 people have been registered here under PM Suryaghar Free Electricity Scheme. “Solar panels have been installed in more than 2100 houses of Banaras. Currently, the work of installing solar panels is going on in more than 3,000 houses,” he said.

Uttar Pradesh Governor Anandiben Patel, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Union Agriculture Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Bhagirath Chaudhary, Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya, Brajesh Pathak, Member of Legislative Council and BJP President Bhupendra Chaudhary, other ministers of the state government, public representatives were present in the programme.

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