UK Labour Party winning parl’t election with 410 seats in house of Commons

London, July 5 (UNI) The Labour Party is set to win a landslide victory in the parliamentary election in the United Kingdom and secure 410 seats in the 650-seated House of Commons, while UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party is projected to come in second with only 131 seats, the exit poll has shown.

The Liberal Democrats are projected to come in third in the race and win 61 seats in the House, and the Reform UK party led by Nigel Farage is projected to win 13 seats and become the fourth largest party in the House, the poll by Ipsos UK for the Sky News, BBC, and ITV News broadcasters showed late Thursday.

The Scottish National Party is expected to win ten seats, the Plaid Cymru party is set to secure four seats, the Green Party of England and Wales is on track to win two seats, and other parties are set to secure 19 seats.

If the poll is correct, the Labour Party will secure a majority in the House of Commons, ending 14 years of Conservative rule, and Labour leader Keir Starmer is likely to succeed Sunak as prime minister.

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