Udhayanidhi strongly condemns Amit Shah for Hindi uniting force remark

Chennai, Sep 14 (UNI) Days after triggering a political row with his remarks against Sanatana Dharma, DMK Youth Wing Leader and Tamil Nadu Youth Welfare and Sports Development Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin on Thursday hit out at Union Home Minister Amit Shah for his Hindi uniting force remarks.

In a social media post, Udhayanidhi, who is the son of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK President M.K.Stalin, strongly condemned the statement of Mr Amit Shah that Hindi is the uniting force of India and it is empowering other regional languages.

Observing that Hindi was being spoken only in four of five states in the country, Mr Udhayanidhi said “hence the statement of Mr Amit Shah is totally absurd”.

Posting on X, he said “I strongly condemn the statement of Union Home Minister Amit Shah claiming that Hindi is the uniting force of India and it is empowering other regional languages.”

“Hindi is spoken only in four or five states in the country and hence the statement of Amit Shah is totally absurd”, he added.

“It is only another version of imposing Hindi under the guise of generating livelihood”, Mr Udhayanidhi alleged.

“While we are speaking Tamil here, Kerala speaks Malayalam. Where does Hindi merge with and empower us?”, he noted.

“Amit Shah should stop oppressing non-Hindi languages by calling them just regional languages. #StopHindiImposition”, he added.

Recently Mr Udhayanidhi remarks against Sanatana Dharma triggered a political row with BJP leaders across the country condemning it and demanded action against him. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a Cabinet meeting had asked his colleagues to adequately respond to it.

The Chief Minister defended Mr Udhayanidhi on the issue and said the pro-BJP forces, unable to tolerate his stance against oppressive principles, have spread a false narrative, alleging that “Udhayanidhi called for the genocide of people with Sanatan thoughts.”

He had accused pro-BJP forces of spreading a ‘false narrative’ on his son’s remarks on Sanatana Dharma.

Mr Stalin defended Mr Udhayanidhi’s remarks and alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has failed to fulfil any of his promises, is attempting to divert attention by invoking Sanatan.

Mr Stalin also said the BJP regime at the Centre is using Sanatana row as a shield to cover up its failures and corruption.

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