Türkiye ready to do its part to stop Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Erdogan

Istanbul, (UNI) Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Sunday that Türkiye is ready to do its part to stop the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and reduce escalated tension.

“Türkiye is ready to do its best to stop the clashes as soon as possible and reduce the tension that has escalated with the recent incidents,” Erdogan said at the inauguration ceremony of a Syriac Orthodox Church in Istanbul.

He said the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the root of the problems in the region, and lasting peace is only possible through a final settlement.

“We are determined to intensify and continue our diplomatic efforts to restore calm,” Erdogan added, urging the conflicting sides to avoid taking steps that would escalate the tension and deepen the problem.

Erdogan said the issue must be resolved in accordance with international law so the region can achieve lasting peace and stability.

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