Trumps says would likely ‘be no NATO’ without his intervention as US President

Washington, July 10 (UNI) Former US President Donald Trump said that there would likely be no NATO alliance today if he had not encouraged other member states to increase their contributions while in office.

“If it weren’t for me as President, there probably would be no NATO by now. When I became President, I noticed that there were only 7 of the 28 Countries, that were then Members, who were paid up. Most Members were delinquent, some having paid very little, if anything. I found this unacceptable, and insisted that they pay if they wanted the protection of the US,” Trump said on Tuesday via Truth Social.

Trump said that his actions made NATO “viable” again.

The US now faces a similar problem by paying most of the money to help Ukraine fight Russia, Trump said. Europe should at least equalize their contributions, Trump said.

NATO is holding a summit in Washington this week, during which the alliance announced the provision of additional air defense capabilities to Ukraine.

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