Transfers will be done in July after assembly session!

  • Monsoon session — Many IAS and IPS will be transferred

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
After the monsoon session of Madhya Pradesh assembly, districts will be allotted to the ministers. Along with this, the ban on transfers is also likely to be lifted.

The collector will be able to make transfers within the district after taking approval from the minister in charge. Transfers outside the district will be done on the recommendation of the minister in charge. It is said that the ban on transfers can be lifted for 15 days. According to departmental sources, there was a possibility of lifting the ban on transfers immediately after the removal of the code of conduct for the Lok Sabha elections, but the ban could not be lifted as the ministers did not have charge of the districts. It is said that under the new transfer policy, departments can be given authority only on administrative basis, till then the ministers will also get the charge of the district. Transfers will be possible within the district with the approval of the ministers.

In the new transfer policy, the minister in charge will get the power in the transfers that take place at the district level. Under this, apart from big officers including Collector, SP, employees working in various departments can also be transferred, however, during this period, only those transfers will not be done without asking the Chief Minister’s Office, who were removed by taking orders from the Chief Minister’s Coordination Committee. If sources are to be believed, then in the new transfer policy, priority will be given to transfers on grounds of serious illness, administrative, voluntary and other grounds.

20 percent transfers were done in previous policy

In the transfer policy made during the time of former CM Shivraj Singh, the ban was lifted in May-June, in which the departmental ministers are given the right to make maximum 20 percent transfers. But this time, due to the duty of officers and employees in preparing the voter list for the Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha elections, the ban was imposed on transfers. Therefore, the state government could not transfer officers and employees of many cadres including 65 thousand booth level officers, collectors, commissioners, Inspector General of Police, Superintendent of Police, engaged in election work. However, during this period, on the instructions of the Election Commission, only those officers and employees were transferred who were very important from the administrative point of view.


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