TN MPs will voice their strongest voice ever in Par : Stalin

Chennai, June 15 (UNI) Buoyed by the victory of all 40 seats in the Lok Sabha polls, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK President M K Stalin on Saturday night said all the 40 MPs from the state will strongly voice for the welfare of the state in Parliament.

Speaking at the DMK’s Mupperum Vizha in the Textile City of Coimbatore, falling under the Kongu region, a traditional AIADMK belt, with BJP having good base, and DMK sweeping the polls, he said the issues of the people and the interests of the State will strongly be voiced in Parliament this time, more than ever seen before.

“Even when, the BJP-led government commanded absolute majority, the MPs from the State, trumped it and spoke strongly in support of the State and raised issues”, he said.

This time with the BJP being a minority government (having come to power with the support of its allies), the voice will be even more stronger.

“Those Bigshots (apparently referring to the BJP and AIADMK) spoke what the 40 MPs from TN will do in Parliament. They said they will rest content with having vada in the Parliament canteen”, he said.

“Just wait and see, their voice will be even more stronger this time”, Mr Stalin added.

‘Our MPs are not scared. All the 40 members will raise their voice more stronger”, while asserting that the BJP’s reported attempt to amend the Constitution will be defeated.

“People’s issues will echo in Parliament and all our 40 MPs will be more stronger than ever before”, he asserted.

He also said that the DMK-led Front should win more than 200 seats in the next Assembly polls due in 2026 in the State, as done now in this resounding sweep in Lok Sabha polls, and DMK retain power.

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