There will be a tough fight between Dr. Sadho and Rajkumar Mev

  • BJP nominates Mev, a two-time winner, as its candidate
  • Maheshwar is considered traditional seat of Congress

Kamlesh Singh Chauhan, Mandleshwar
How cautious the BJP is regarding the upcoming assembly elections can be gauged from the fact that it declared its candidate four months in advance.

BJP has focused on those seats where BJP has faced defeat in 2018. Maheshwar and Kasrawad seats in Khargone district are considered traditional seats of the Congress. Maheshwar seat being reserved for the Scheduled Castes, has been a Congress MLA for most of the time since independence. Bhupendra Arya, who stopped the victory chariot of Dr. Vijay Laxmi Sadho of Congress, was badly defeated in the 2018 elections and was able to save his bail to be forfeited with great difficulty.

There is a long list of people claiming ticket from BJP, but in the political and administrative survey, no other name other than Rajkumar Mev came on the first number, on the basis of that BJP has declared Rajkumar Mev as its candidate in its first list itself. Now other claimants are demanding the candidate of local and Balai community opposing Rajkumar Mev. Their demand is not getting special public support. The number of protestors is not able to cross hundred. People believe that only Rajkumar Mev can give a tough fight to Dr. Sadho. The rest of the claimants will not be able to stand in front of the Sadho. All the survey reports are also telling this thing.

Rajkumar Mev was a big challenge in front of Sadho in 2018, has won twice – BJP candidate Rajkumar Mev is a strong candidate, he has also proved this. He has defeated Congress candidate Devendra Sadho by 32 thousand votes in Maheshwar by-election, after that Rajkumar, who defeated Sunil Khande of Congress in 2013, has given a big challenge to Sadho in the triangular fight in 2018, he came second. Now in 2023, he is ready for a direct fight with Sadho.

BJP will campaign unitedly

Assembly convenor Narayan Patidar says that the BJP is united, although some claimants are angry. This is a family matter of BJP, it is everyone’s right to stake claim. The BJP leadership has declared the candidate after thinking. The BJP will win the election unitedly, under the rule of the BJP, people are getting the support of the government from birth to death. Every welfare scheme of the government has reached the people, from which we will get benefit. It is the priority of the BJP that every person gets a house, every youth gets a job.

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