There are immense opportunities for Indian youth in AI: Sundhashu Trivedi

Lucknow, June 15 (UNI) Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Rajya Sabha MP and spokesperson Dr Sudhanshu Trivedi on Saturday said that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has immense potential for talented youth of India.

While talking to reporters after addressing the 28th convocation of Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow, the BJP MP said that India is going to establish a new dimension in emerging technology. “In 1996, when IBM’s computer D Bull played chess with Grandmaster Garry Kasparov, no one had even imagined the spread of technology at this level. Today AI has immense potential all over the world,” he said.

He said that India has a large army of talented youth which can be used to help the country take full advantage of AI technology. “In the changing India, work is being done on many fronts towards modern technology. We are moving ahead in the field of integrated chip production,” he said.

Describing India’s role as a leader in the G-7 summit, Trivedi said that if we talk about geopolitics, Palestine honours Prime Minister Narendra Modi with its highest civilian honour, while his arch rival Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu considers Modi his personal friend.

He said that Russia considers India as its traditional ally, while America considers India as its most trusted strategic ally. “We get the S400 anti-missile system from Russia, while America gives modern drones only to India. India impressed the whole world with its diplomacy in the G-20 summit as well,” he said.

Earlier, while addressing the convocation, the BJP MP said that it is India’s cultural and ancient ethos that is linked to creating a better future for the world and India has the ability to create harmony in conflicts. Apart from this, he encouraged the students to contribute more in research and focus on future technologies like composite materials, genome sequencing, space technology, quantum computing and focus on determination rather than intellect.

He appreciated Jaipuria Lucknow for its success in imparting cultural values to the students. He awarded medals to the meritorious students and the Student of the Year addressed the gathering. “Today is a day of hard work, personal growth and lifelong friendships. Amidst favourable economic factors, we must understand what we want. We have to learn, update our skills and always stay curious. Always remember that success is never easy, you have to climb step by step. Go ahead and make us proud. Best wishes to all of you,” he said.

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