Telangana progressing on the path of development, says KTR

Hyderabad, Sep 16 (UNI) Telangana IT and Industry Minister K T Rama Rao (KTR), affirmed that the state is steadfastly advancing on the path of development, dispelling doubts that have lingered since its inception.

KTR engaged in a discussion with a delegation from the Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India (CREDAI) from Maharashtra at T-Hub on Saturday. He presented a comprehensive overview of Hyderabad’s progress through a detailed presentation, highlighting the government’s initiatives over the past decade.

During the event, KTR extended a warm welcome to the Maharashtra representatives who had come to Hyderabad to gain insights into Telangana’s development.

KTR mentioned his personal connection to Maharashtra, stemming from his days as a student in Pune. He emphasized the enduring cultural and human ties between Telangana and Maharashtra, owing to historical associations between the two regions.

Reflecting on the state’s journey, KTR stated, “After a decade and a half of numerous movements, we have achieved the status of a separate state. Over the past 10 years, we have made significant strides in development, dispelling doubts that have persisted since our state’s formation.”

He highlighted the successful resolution of challenges such as power and drinking water supply shortages that had plagued the state since its inception.

KTR stressed the importance of urban areas in driving the nation’s progress, asserting that investment in infrastructure accelerates development. He underlined the government’s multifaceted approach to develop Hyderabad, particularly in attracting substantial investments in the IT, IT-related sectors, and life sciences biotechnology.

He noted, “This is why many IT companies have established their largest offices in Hyderabad, surpassing Bangalore in creating IT jobs for two consecutive years.”

KTR also highlighted Telangana’s impressive achievements in paddy production and its focus on infrastructure and administrative reforms. He mentioned pioneering initiatives like TS iPass and TSB pass for building permits, which have garnered attention from other states.

He added, “Our government is committed to enhancing public transportation and is undertaking large-scale infrastructure development for the future expansion of Hyderabad. We are planning a 415 km metro rail system for the city and have already invested significantly in projects like flyovers, underpasses, and bridges under Strategic Road Development Programme (SRDP).”

KTR praised the Comprehensive Road Maintenance Program (CRMP) initiated by GHMC in Hyderabad, which is now being adopted by Mumbai. He highlighted ongoing efforts to address future electricity and drinking water supply needs and stated, “We are set to become the first city to treat 100 per cent sewage water.”

The city’s progress received accolades from various celebrities, with Hyderabad having the tallest buildings in India after Mumbai. KTR mentioned that the innovative Transferable Development Rights (TDR) system implemented by GHMC has saved over Rs 5,000 crores of public funds.

He pointed out that before launching the TSB pass program, the Chief Minister held extensive discussions with real estate sector partners and issued seven Joint Ventures in a single day. Moreover, Telangana has embarked on the largest slum development program in the country, providing free pukka houses to beneficiaries.

KTR disclosed the allocation of a 10 per cent green budget from the budget of each city and local body for environmental initiatives.

The Maharashtra delegation lauded Hyderabad’s remarkable development in the past decade and expressed their admiration for the state’s vision under the leadership of Chief Minister KCR and Minister KTR. They believed that Hyderabad, guided by this vision, would develop even faster than a bullet train, acknowledging the valuable insights they gained from Telangana’s policies and programmes.

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