Supporters of both parties are leaving opposition party and clashing with each other

  • Rebellious attitude from both Congress and BJP in Chaurai Assembly
  • Angry leaders are sitting with their supporters and conspiring against their own party

Vijendra Amadare/Manoj Verma, Chhindwara
In Chaurai assembly constituency, perhaps for the first time in the last decades, rebellion is being seen between both the BJP and Congress parties. In the desire to get power, the leaders of both the major parties are competing to such an extent that they are getting ready to leave the rival party and contest against the supporters of their own party. After the announcement of the names of the assembly candidates, angry leaders are sitting with their supporters and conspiring against their own party. On one hand, Pandit Ramesh Dubey, angry at not getting the ticket, called a meeting and took a poll on contesting the elections as an independent candidate, while on the other hand, the divided Neeraj Patel is ready to file nomination as an independent candidate against the declared Congress candidate Sujit Chaudhary.

Before the voting, it will be a big challenge for the top leadership to convince the leaders who are angry with their own party. However, Congress workers are confident that ultimately former Chief Minister Kamal Nath will convince Bunty Patel and every party worker will work unitedly in the elections. But the voices of opposition in BJP are reaching extreme limits and the supporters of Pandit Ramesh Dubey are not ready to accept it at any cost, if this continues then BJP may have to face a big loss in the elections.

Bunty Patel’s significant influence in Chand area = Bunty Patel, a young face considered close to MP Nakulnath, has a strong influence in Chand area, hence the effect of his displeasure over not getting a ticket in the assembly elections can be seen in Chand area. Bunty Patel has made a special contribution in bringing Chand to power in the municipality. He has a large number of supporters in the Chand region who work under his instructions. If he is not persuaded in time and he remains in the election fray, he can cause huge loss to the Congress.

BJP also needs Ramesh Dubey – The way Congress is seen to be in a strong position in the state, in such a situation, it is necessary for the BJP candidate to have the support of an experienced leader to win the elections and he has been in the Chaurai assembly for the last three years. Pandit Ramesh Dubey has been leading the BJP for decades. Considering his strong hold in the area, it is very important to have his support but if we look at the current situation, BJP is proving to be a complete failure in convincing Ramesh Dubey. The effect of which will be clearly visible in the upcoming election results.

Supporters are pressurizing him to contest elections

After Ramesh Dubey did not get the ticket, thousands of workers reached the district BJP office and offered their resignation. Later, in a meeting held in a lawn of Chaurai, the supporters also put pressure on him to contest the elections as an independent candidate. It is not clear whether Dubey will rebel against the party and contest the elections. However, the market of discussions is hot regarding the politics of Chaurai Assembly.

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