Students display skills in summer camp at military station

  • Sudarshan Chakra Eagles organise summer camp for children

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Sudarshan Chakra Eagles organised a summer camp for children of Bhopal Military Station. Its closing ceremony held on Tuesday showcased the exceptional talents and skills developed by the children during the camp, which included drama and acting, dance, robotics, self-defence, and art and craft.

The event was graced by Nandita Singh, Zonal President of Army Wives’ Welfare Association (AWA 21 Corps), who interacted with the children, encouraging and motivating them. The Zonal President praised the enthusiasm and dedication of the children, highlighting the importance of such activities in promoting creativity, confidence, and camaraderie in young minds. During the ceremony, the children performed various dramas, dances, and performances, showcasing the diverse skills they had acquired during the camp. In particular, the robotics and dance performances received a lot of praise, showcasing the innovative thinking, technical abilities, and energy levels of the children. The self-defense demonstration emphasized the importance of personal safety and empowerment. Nandita Singh felicitated the children, recognizing their hard work and achievements. Her presence and interaction was an important source of inspiration for the young participants.

Talents felicitated

The Summer Camp organized by Sudarshan Chakra Eagles was aimed at providing a fun experience with educational activities. It aimed to nurture the talents and interests of the children, providing them a platform to discover new skills and build lasting friendships. The event concluded with a vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all those who contributed to the success of the Summer Camp, including the instructors, organizers, and parents.

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