“Right now Shivraj is CM…”

  • Amit Shah answers questions in press conference
  • Union Home Minister says ‘familyism’ is poison

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
On Sunday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah answered questions in a press conference while presenting the report card for the government of Madhya Pradesh.

Among the questions was: In the era of Artificial Intelligence, what is your and the Government of India’s vision for Madhya Pradesh?

On this he said that see, higher education was promoted in Madhya Pradesh during the time of Modi ji and Shivraj ji. The field of Artificial Intelligence is not possible without higher education. Whatever development will happen in the field of artificial intelligence across the country, it is not possible without higher education. I have faith in the potential of the youth of Madhya Pradesh, they will surely show their mettle in this field as well and achieve a good position in the country. And there is a question whether the 2024 elections will be brought on the issue of development only?

On this he said that we want elections to be held on the issue of development. The tradition of Congress was to drag the elections on the basis of casteism, familyism and appeasement. Modi ji has also abolished Article 370, a new tradition, the politics of performance. The construction of Ram temple is also going on fast. Mahakal Lok has also been made here. We would definitely like that the election should be on the issue of development and poor welfare. Will Shivraj remain the Chief Minister after winning the election, in response to this he said that Shivraj ji is the Chief Minister now. The party will do the work of the party.

No political background of my family

Union Home Minister Amit Shah was asked whether there is family dispute in the ticket which has just been distributed? On this, he said that familyism is poison, when parties become the property of the family, then what is the place for those who come from below in democracy. Whose son was Atal ji, whose son was Modi ji, whose son was Rajnath ji. I became the president of the party, my family did not have any political background, Nadda ji did not have any political bank background to become the president of the party, what is the background of Shivraj ji. Don’t create confusion by twisting the agenda of Congress.

Investigation takes time

When the Union Home Minister was asked that you have given the list of scams of Congress and Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh. You have a government at the center, so what is the reason that you are not taking quick action on these. On this, Amit Shah said that I have never taken action on the basis of politics, the agency is investigating. Investigation takes time. These are the same agencies on whose action the opposition Congress is raising hue and cry. If this is a sponsor question of Kamal Nath ji, then knowing that it can also cause harm, the speed of investigation can also be accelerated.

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