Research on sickle cell anemia should pick up: Dhankhar

  • World Sickle Cell Day-2024: Herbal park to be established in Vice President’s House

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar announced a significant initiative to establish a Herbal Park in the Vice President’s House, with special contributions from Dindori. Acknowledging the region’s rich biodiversity and the abundance of medicinal plants, Dhankhar emphasized the need to accelerate research on treatments for various diseases, including sickle cell anemia. He expressed a vision for Dindori to gain national and international recognition through these efforts.

The Vice President stressed the importance of coordinated efforts across all levels to prevent and raise awareness about sickle cell anemia. He said it should become a social movement driven by researchers, social workers, and doctors. Dhankhar shared these remarks while addressing the state-level World Sickle Cell Day-2024 program in Dindori, where Deputy Chief Minister Shukla also welcomed the guests and outlined ongoing state activities aimed at eliminating sickle cell anemia.

Vice President Dhankhar inaugurated the event by lighting a lamp at Government Chandravijay Mahavidyalaya in Dindori. Notable attendees included Governor Patel, Chief Minister Dr. Yadav, Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Rajendra Shukla, and Dhankhar’s wife, Mrs. Sudesh Dhankhar. Tribal artists welcomed the Vice President with a traditional dance, and he further contributed to the environmental cause by planting a sapling at the venue.

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