Rain delays toss in T20 WC India-England semifinal

Guyana, June 27 (UNI) The much-anticipated T20 World Cup semifinal clash between India and England faces uncertainty as the toss has been delayed due to persistent rain. While the rain has temporarily stopped, the wait continues for the outfield to improve enough for play to begin.

India remains the least affected team in case of a washout, having secured their place in the semifinals with a strong performance throughout the tournament. With no reserve day scheduled for this game, India will advance to the final against South Africa if rain forces a washout, thanks to their top position in the Super Eights.

India has experienced heartbreak in the past two T20 World Cup campaigns with 10-wicket defeats against Pakistan in 2021 and England in 2022. Today’s semifinal encounter against Jos Buttler’s England adds another chapter to this intense rivalry.

Cricket fans around the world are poised for a potentially thrilling encounter, weather permitting.

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