Rahul urges government for discussion in Parliament on NEET

New Delhi, June 28 (UNI) Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Rahul Gandhi on Friday urged the government to take up discussion on the NEET issue and said that a message be sent from Parliament that both the Government and Opposition are with the students in their hour of distress.

Talking to the media in the Parliament complex, the Rae Bareli MP said, “Yesterday there was a meeting of the Opposition and it was unanimously decided that a discussion on the NEET issue will be proposed in the Parliament today”.

Assuring the youth of the country that INDIA block is with them, Gandhi said, “I would like to tell the students of the country that this is your issue and we all (INDI Alliance) feel that any issue that is important today is this one that concerns students as they are the future of Hindustan”.

He said that as NEET was an important issue and related to the youth it should be discussed in the Parliament first and then the President address can be taken up.

“I request the Prime Minister to have a smooth and respectful discussion on the NEET issue as this is the issue of the youth. You (PM) also participate in this discussion. We want to give a message to the youth, and it should go from the Parliament that both the Government and the Opposition are with them,” Gandhi said ahead of the parliament session on Friday.

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