Proposal for settlement of Gyanvapi dispute evokes mixed response

Varanasi, Aug 17 (UNI) A proposal forwarded by the Vishwa Vedic Sanatan Sangh (VVSS) for a peaceful and out of the court settlement of Gyanvapi complex dispute has evoked a mixed response from both the sides.

While the Anjuman Intezamia Masaid Committee, which looks into day-to-day affairs of the Gyanvapi mosque has welcomed the move, counsel of the four plaintiffs in the original suit Vishnu Shankar Jain has turned down the proposal stating that it is not possible.

Sources said that recently the VVSS has issued an open letter for a peaceful settlement of the legal dispute of Gyanvapi mosque complex outside the court.

In the open letter it has been asked by both the Hindu and Muslim sides to give mutual consent outside the court and also an invitation has been given for mutual discussion.

In the letter it has been stated that it was well known that the Hindu side and the Muslim side both are fighting a legal battle in the court regarding the Gyanvapi mosque complex to prove their stand right.

It claimed that some anti-social elements want to take advantage of this legal fight by both the parties for their personal gains which can prove to be harmful for both the country and the society.

“In such a situation, it becomes the duty of all of us to set an example by settling this dispute peacefully through mutual negotiations, taking care of the safety and security of our country and society,” the letter said.

It stated, “Therefore, It is a request to all of you to accept this invitation with an open and pious mind and come forward for talks to settle the above issue. It is possible that a peaceful solution can be found outside the court of the above matter by mutual discussion.

We welcome all of you to this talk with an open and pure heart.”

General Secretary of Anjuman Intezamia Masajid Committee Abdul Batin Nomani welcomed the move by the Hindu side and said that the matter will be put for discussion in Masajid Committee meeting.

When contacted counsels of the plaintiffs, Vishnu Shankar Jain said that such a proposition was not possible. “We will neither sit on the table nor will spare even a single inch from the property which is owned by the Lord,” he said.

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