Potholes on road everywhere, people are troubled

  • Demand to repair road from Mandakini to Danish Square

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
In Ward 82 of Kolar, there are potholes at many places on the road going from Mandakini Square to Danish Square via JK Hospital. The work order for its improvement has also been given to the contractor, but the condition of the road is deteriorating at many places. No improvement work is being done by the PWD, due to which the general public is getting troubled. The demand to improve this road was made by Rahul Singh Rathore, the acting district president of the District Congress Committee Bhopal. He has submitted a memorandum to the superintending engineer of the PWD’s Rajdhani Project Board and demanded that the improvement work of this road be done within 72 hours. Rathore said that since the construction of Kolar six lane, the residents pass through this route. There is traffic throughout the day, but no improvement work has been done on the road. People are facing problems due to waterlogging in the potholes after the rain on Tuesday evening.

Rathore said that the road from Mandakini Square of Ward 82 to Bhumika Residency, Signature Crown, Sagar Premium Tower, Signature Residency, 99 to JK Hospital and JK Town to Danish Square is under the Rajdhani Project Board of PWD. It should be repaired immediately within 72 hours, so that the problems of the general public are resolved. Complete repair work of the road should be done, otherwise the Congress Party will be forced to protest.

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