Hit at ‘Halala’


The muslim women after winning again the evil religious system of ‘triple talaq’ the muslim women are marching ahead to hit at offer evil practice like “Nikah Halala’ and polygamy”. Two muslim women Sameera Begum and Natasa Khan and Mohsin have filed a petition in the Supreme Court that “nikah halala” and the polygamy be declared as offence and crimes in the Indian Penal Code. The Supreme Court has earlier declared the triple talaq as on constitutional and now Modi Government beginning Bill to make, ‘triple talaq an offence and punishable and such talaq will not be accepted as talaq. Now muslim women are hitting at the Nikah Halala and polygamy. Under halala if a divorced couple went to remarry again among themselves the women first required to marry some one else and on getting divorce can return to her first husband to remarry together. Under polygamy muslim can marry from women and keep them. After Independence in the majority community of the nation the Hindus there was no such limit on hindu man he could marry any number of the women. But after independence by law polygamy in all other religious communities like hindu, Christian etc. have been abolished and it punishable offence and such marriage are not recognized in law.But muslim community was left out from polygamy prohibition act as a exception on their religious kilter. The Legendry Shahbeno of Indore had started on revolutionary phase of reforms in the Islamic muslim society by fighting a pitched legal battle against her husband who divorced her. The Supreme Court maintained the right of maintenance on getting divorce. It is matter of deep right for he enlightened society that later the Prime Minister Mr Rajiv Gandhi directed the Supreme Court Judgement in Shahbeno case under the pressure of fundamentalist conservative muslims. Now again were reforms has revived in muslim society particularly among the muslim women and the succeed in society the triple talaq declared by the Supereme Court as constitution. Now than are before the Supreme Court against to hit hard as the fundamentalism muslim society and urged the Supreme Court to rule against Nikah Halala and polygamy crime under Indian Penal Code. The muslim society particularly the learned persons and youth to act themselves against all the evil practices. The Hindus are repenting their opportunities of Hindu Code Bill introduced by Baba Saheb Dr Ambedkar before the entire hindu society by sample code. But later most of its provision under introduced by different act like polygamy. Now dowry equal right to property daughters along with son. The Hindu Code Bill was a big sep towards Common Civil Code. Had the Hindu code bill not opposed and dropped the Common Civil Code would have established by law much before.The muslim society should come out of fundamentalism any more the times.The muslim personal have board should itself day card nikah halala and polygamy.