Face to ‘Aadhar’


The ‘Aadhar’ burnt it ‘fingers’ in authentication and now being given ‘Face’ for its validation from July 1. Till now the ‘Aadhar’ is based on finger prints but people suffered too much because is most of the cases of all the Aadhar linked services are being denied on the pleas of that their finger prints in Aadhar are not matching and they should go the Aadhar Centre to get it updated. It led to go through the long queues. In all other cards there are dates for getting it renewed but Aadhar cards are permanent and no need for renewal. But its biometric authentication by finger prints failed and people suffered a lot. The ‘Aadhar’ is linked with the PDS ration cards for people living below poverty lines. They were not given ration as their finger prints were not matching in the Aadhar Cards. For such poor and uneducated people and particularly of rural areas it was a difficulty in getting it updated by coming to urban centre. Furthermore the Aadhar datas were hacked by cyber criminals and caused them financial damages by getting their personal information. The Union Minister Mr.Ravi Shankar Prasad clarified that there was no possibility to hacking in Aadhar. But the Government is changing format of Aadhar by adding an extra layer of security for Aadhar holders by introducing face recognition in fusion with finger prints and iris. The Aadhar Agency the UIDAI commented that it will be using the photo of the consumers that was captured at the time of Aadhar enrolment. The facial recognition will give an additional choice for people having trouble with their finger prints and his authentications. Many people facing difficulty in successfully using biometric authentication. Using one of the modalities the finger prints are iris. In balancing the old and new system the face authentication will not require any new reference data. The authentication is allowed only in fusion mode to be available by July 1. The objective is to increase inclusiveness of the system. The new method will also be allowed on need basis for those who face problem. The UIDAI sought to address privacy concerns by offering the option of creating virtual ID. That mask the actual unique identification numbers of an individual during an UID authenticated transaction.These measures come just ahead of the Supreme Court hearing a challenge to the use of Aadhar system. Presenting the Government has asked all the people to get their Aadhar number linked with all the services they use or avail by March 1 this year. Now a new validation by face will be introduced by July 1 the deadline of March 1 may not be enforced. The Government as rushing through the Aadhar and online links in undue haste without full confirmation and validations of the systems. It is causing a lot of trouble of the people. The online bookings for the LPG is highly troublesome. The Customers is required to press about 10 numbers from this to that and finally they come to know that there bookings was not booked. For customers facility the customer booking one number should be there.