Dalit Poll Politics


The intention of the Supreme Court is to prevent the misuse of SC/ST Act by regulating it in certain ways to examine its prime facie. But the Bharat Band call against it resulted in large scale violence for a day or two but 2018 and 2019 being the election year of the Vidhan Sabhas and Lok Sabha it has become poll agenda for almost all the political parties to wean away dalit from others and win over for them expressing solidarity with the dalits. The Congress President Mr Rahul Gandhi after a rally in Delhi launched "on fast" agitation at the Rajghat followed by Congressmen all over India. The Modi Government has no role in the Supreme Court directives on SC-ST Act also rushed to the Court to file an a review petition. Mayawati of the Bahujan Samaj Party taking it as a great opportunity to stage come back in the coming Lok Sabha elections in Uttar Pradesh and elsewhere. In the last Lok Sabha election in U.P. the BSP finished at zero.The Dalit Bharat Band took a very violent turn in the northern districts of Madhya Pradesh- Bhind, Morena, Gwalior. The police has to take recourse of firing. The investigation reveled that funds were provided in these district to create violence. About 6000 booked for dalit violence in Bhind. The Supreme Court is duty bound as constitutional institution to protect the people from any injustice done to them. The National Crime Record Bureau report said that in the year 2016 in the whole country 47,369 cases under the SC-ST Act were registered and out of it 6257 reports were faced to be false complaints. In 2270 case there were no proofs and manipulations in 1020 cases. Whenever any action in taken by the government or any other employer against a persons either dalit or women almost all of them say they were victimized for beings dalit or woman. But it is also a reality that despite many acts the atrocities are being committed against dalits and woman. In Chhattarpur in Madhya Pradesh the upper cast do not also a dalit groom to sit on a horse for his wedding. The police took the action and ensured horse ride procession of dalit marriage. In Bhavanagar in Gujarat a Dalit youth purchased a horse and moving on it. The Upper caste took it as an affront and asked him to sale it off or he would be killed and on his refusal to comply with he was murdered. In Kasganj in U.P. the dalits can not use the road that passes through upper caste area.An educated youth filed a writ in Allahabad High Court that upper caste were not allowing his marriage procession to pass through in their areas. The Court directed administration and police to ensure that his marriage was not hindered in upper caste areas. The court can help only when such cases are before it. But the social mind set of certain upper caste people has not changed despite SC-ST Act being there. The law alone can not changed it. The government and the society has to act to give equal respectable status to dalits and women.