PM speaks to Team India, lauds T20 WC victory

New Delhi, June 30 (UNI) In an exuberant celebration of Indian cricket, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended heartfelt congratulations to the Indian cricket team for their stellar success at the T20 World Cup.

Commending their unmatched skill and indomitable spirit, he acknowledged the dedication and motivation each player displayed throughout the tournament.

Addressing key players personally, the Prime Minister shared special messages with them on Sunday. To Rohit Sharma, he remarked, “Dear Rohit Sharma, you are excellence personified. Your aggressive mindset, batting prowess, and astute captaincy have given a new dimension to the Indian team. Your T20 career will be fondly remembered. Delighted to have spoken to you earlier today.”

To Virat Kohli, he expressed, “Dear Virat Kohli, glad to have spoken to you. Like your innings in the finals, you have anchored Indian batting splendidly. You’ve shone in all forms of the game. T20 cricket will miss you, but I am confident you’ll continue to inspire the new generation of players.”

He also acknowledged the monumental contributions of coach Rahul Dravid, stating, “Rahul Dravid’s incredible coaching journey has shaped the success of Indian cricket. His unwavering dedication, strategic insights, and talent nurturing have transformed the team. India is grateful to him for his contributions and for inspiring generations. We are thrilled to see him lift the World Cup. Happy to have congratulated him.”

On Saturday night, Prime Minister Modi extended his heartfelt congratulations to the Indian cricket team for their monumental World Cup title win. Taking to X, PM Modi shared a video message expressing the pride and joy of the entire nation.

“Congratulations on behalf of the whole nation to Team India for this grand victory,” the Prime Minister began. “Today, 1.40 billion Indians are proud because of your wonderful performance. You all won the World Cup, but in all villages, streets, and communities of India, you won the hearts of our countrymen.”

PM Modi highlighted the significance of the victory, noting that it will be remembered for a very special reason. “There were so many teams, but yet India was undefeated. This is not a small feat. You played every ball delivered by the greats of the game and kept winning. This undefeated run boosted your morale and kept the tournament entertaining,” he said.

The Prime Minister’s message resonated with millions of cricket fans across the country, who have been celebrating the team’s historic achievement. “A lot of congratulations from my side,” PM Modi added, wrapping up his address with words of encouragement and pride.

This momentous victory not only cements India’s place at the pinnacle of world cricket but also serves as a testament to the hard work, dedication, and unity of the team, bringing joy and pride to millions of fans around the globe.

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