PM Modi takes dig at Rahul, Priyanka

Bhopal, Sep 25 (UNI) In an oblique assault against erstwhile Congress President Rahul Gandhi and General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleged on Monday that the lives of the indigent simply bear no meaning for leaders born with silver spoons in their mouths.

Addressing the BJP’s Karyakarta Mahakumbh at Jamboree Ground in the capital of election-bound Madhya Pradesh, the visiting dignitary alleged, “The Congress’ mentality has not undergone even an iota of change.

Poverty is akin to adventure tourism for them, an impoverished individual’s dwelling becomes a picnic spot and a location for a video shoot; a poverty-stricken peasant’s farm is the venue of a photo session. Even in the past, Congress leaders made a mockery of Bharat’s indigence, both within the country and abroad.”

Contrasting that with his own life, the Prime Minister said that he has existed amid paucity but shall not allow a similar fate to befall the country.

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