People facing troubles due to stopping of wheels of 149 city buses

  • Talks between bus operators and BCLL did not yield any solution
  • Buses not operating on 10 routes
  • Work was given to Chalo App for 6 years

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Thousands of bus passengers of the said routes are facing trouble due to the stoppage of operation of 149 low-floor buses on 10 routes on Monday as well. Most of the employed youth and women are facing trouble; ticket agency Chalo App has demanded to reduce the amount given per kilometer. Due to this, city buses have stopped operating on these routes.

Bus operator Maa Associate is opposing this. In this regard, BCLL officials also talked to the bus operator on Monday, but no solution came out of the discussion. Due to this, buses did not run on Monday as well. In fact, a total of 149 buses are not operating on the city’s 115, 113, 116, 205, 204, 208, SR-8, TR-1, 311 and 10 routes, while more than 50 thousand passengers using buses from here are being affected. The people of the city are being unnecessarily crushed in the mutual issue of those responsible for bus operation.

The matter may get complicated

This matter is also likely to get complicated because BCLL has issued a tender to hire a new ticket collection agency. It is estimated that BCLL is preparing to snatch the work from Chalo App Company by citing the terms of the tender because the Chalo App was given work from 2022 to 2028.

Talks held between BCLL and Municipal Corporation and bus operator Maa Associates on Monday, but no positive solution was found.  

– Manoj Rathore, Chairman, BCLL, Bhopal

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