Patwari condemns electoral bond scheme as big scandal

Bhopal: Jitu Patwari, President of the Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC), has denounced the electoral bond scheme as the most significant scandal in independent India’s history. With the Election Commission of India (ECI) releasing notifications for upcoming elections, Patwari expressed widespread disappointment and frustration among citizens, attributing it to the government’s failure to fulfill promises and address public welfare concerns under the double engine government.

Highlighting revelations from the Supreme Court regarding electoral bonds, Patwari accused the BJP of legal corruption, asserting that electoral bonds epitomize the nation’s most colossal scam. He criticized the ruling party for exploiting constitutional agencies for intimidation purposes.

Patwari reminisced about the Congress government’s initiatives such as the Right to Information (RTI), food grain distribution, and forest rights, pledging similar benefits if his party regains power. Promises included ensuring Minimum Support Price (MSP) for farmers and offering a stipend of ?1,00,000 to recent graduates, among others.

Furthermore, Patwari lamented the state government’s premature transfer of officials before the Model Code of Conduct implementation, leaving numerous departments without proper staffing. He highlighted the alarming vacancy rate of over 500 positions, correlating it with the state’s escalating crime and corruption rankings.

Citing media reports, Patwari criticized the alleged appointment of a transport commissioner at an exorbitant cost of Rs 300 crore, branding it as a glaring example of the BJP’s true character.

Despite challenges, Patwari affirmed his party’s unwavering determination for the upcoming elections, vowing a formidable performance.

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