Pantry cars of trains will be deep cleaned

  • Railway Minister takes action after cockroaches found in food in Vande Bharat

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has given instructions to do deep cleaning of pantry cars of trains running from all railway zones. He has taken seriously the complaint of the family of a Bhopal passenger about finding cockroaches in the food of Vande Bharat Express.

He also reprimanded IRCTC officials. Railway official sources said that on Monday night the Railway Minister was taking a review meeting of passenger facilities in trains. During this, he asked IRCTC questions about the quality of food in the train and its hygiene. He was not satisfied with the answer received from the company. After that the minister said that all the pantry cars of the train where food is cooked, where goods are stored and where food is packed, should be deep cleaned on mission mode. IRCTC has built its base kitchen or central kitchen, upgrade it too.

This work should be done in the next six months. He warned IRCTC regarding the complaint of a Bhopal couple about cockroaches found in their food while travelling to Agra in Rani Kamlapati Vande Bharata train that the officers should work seriously to prevent such incidents in future.

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