One arrested in connection with Ujjain girl’s rape case

Bhopal: An auto-driver was arrested in connection with the case in which a 12-year-old girl was raped in Ujjain and walked for 2.5 hours and eight kilometers while bleeding and partially clothed. Shedding more light on the case and the incident which took place in Ujjain under Mahakal Police station jurisdiction, police on Thursday (September 28) said that an auto-driver was arrested in connection with the case and that blood-stains were found in the back-seat of the auto-rickshaw.

Ujjain SP Sachin Sharma said that police got information about the incident on September 25 and that the medical of the girl was done immediately. An SIT was formed and all the circumstantial evidence was collected. Police informed that the auto-rickshaw driver accepted that he was with the girl at the time when the incident is said to have taken place. Police is questioning the auto-rickshaw driver further, said the police.

Counsellor talking to girl

Police said that a counsellor was called to talk to the girl as she was deeply disturbed. Police said that initially the girl was not able to inform about where she was from. However, she did inform the counsellor about her native place and it is now clear where the girl is from, police confirmed.

The police informed that the girl went missing a day before the incident and that more details would be revealed. Police said that a total of five people were being questioned who were in contact with the girl or around the place of incident when the girl was raped. Police added that further investigation is underway.

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