Now, govt preparing to search for precious mineral uranium in MP

  • 149.30 hectare area also decided for mining
  • 24 boreholes will be allowed
  • Goal is to achieve energy needs of country
  • State government given permission for mining in Singrauli

Kanhaiya Lodhi, Bhopal
Uranium, one of the most precious minerals in the world, will now be searched in Madhya Pradesh as well. The state government has given permission to a private company in Singrauli district to search for uranium.

If this mining is successful, then Madhya Pradesh will be included in those select places in the country and the world where there are uranium reserves. Till now, Madhya Pradesh has not got any major success in the matter of uranium. The Mineral Resources Department in the state has given permission to M/s Kundan Mines Pvt. Ltd. Gurugram Haryana to search in the Gurhar Pahadi Gold Mining Lease Block located in village Medwa of Chitrangi in Singrauli district. For this, an area of 149.30 hectares of land has also been decided, this mining will have to be done in this area. Actually, the Ministry of Mines of the Government of India had written a letter to the Government of Madhya Pradesh on 6 May, so the state government has completed the process of granting permission to the private company for mining without any delay. The private company will be allowed to make 24 boreholes here for the search of uranium.

Information is necessary before mining: Before mining in the allotted area, the bidder will have to first inform the Department of Geology and Mining, Madhya Pradesh Government Bhopal, Indian Bureau of Mines and Collector District Singrauli. Mining cannot be done without giving information. Similarly, if evidence of availability of any other kind of mineral is found in the concerned area, then it will also have to be duly informed. If needed, the consent of the land owner in the area will also have to be obtained before mining. The department has also clarified that if the rules are violated, then the permission can also be withdrawn.

Signs of presence of uranium in these places in MP: Traces of uranium have been found in Satna, Shahdol, Rewa and Panna in MP. Efforts have been made to search for it in Ghoradongri of Betul district as well, but not enough was found here to enable commercial production. Uranium has been found only in Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, Meghalaya and Rajasthan in the country: There is a huge shortage of uranium in the country. Uranium has been found in limited quantities in four states of the country. The maximum amount of uranium has been found in Andhra Pradesh (1.44 lakh tonnes), Jharkhand (44 thousand tonnes), and Rajasthan and Meghalaya (10 thousand tonnes each). Thus, only 2.5 lakh tonnes of uranium is available in the country.

Mining will be done in forest area

The area where the state government has permitted mining is completely forest area. In the permission given by the state government to the private company, it has been clarified that the Gurhar hill area mineral block is a completely forest area, therefore exploration work can be done only after obtaining prior permission under the provisions of the Forest Protection Act 1980. The department has also clarified that no kind of exploration work will be done at prohibited sites.

Why is mining needed?

Actually uranium is a big source of energy, those who have more uranium will be that much more powerful in terms of nuclear energy, only 3 percent of the country’s energy needs are being met in the form of nuclear energy, India has set a target of achieving 25 percent of its energy needs from nuclear energy by the year 2050, that is why the country needs new uranium mines.

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