NKorea building border walls, satellite images show

Seoul, June 21 (UNI) New satellite images have revealed that North Korea is building sections of what appears to be a wall in several places near its border with South Korea inside the Demilitarised Zone in violation of a long-standing truce with South Korea.

Images analysed by BBC verify that land inside the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) has been cleared for the purpose. The DMZ is a 4km wide buffer zone between North and South Korea, who are still technically at war having never signed a peace treaty. The DMZ is split in two, with each side controlled by the respective nations.

This recent activity is “unusual”, according to experts, and comes at a time of rising tensions between the two countries.

High-resolution satellite image of a 7km stretch of the DMZ show at least three sections where barriers have been erected covering a total of about 1km close to the eastern end of the border. These structures were not seen last in November 2023 when satellite images were analysed.

The exact date of their construction is unclear due to a lack of previous high-resolution imagery.

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