NEET a pervasive scam affecting all levels : Stalin

Chennai, June 16 (UNI) Upping his ante against the Centre on NEET, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK President M K Stalin on Sunday said NEET, an examination masquerading as a measure of merit, has repeatedly revealed itself as a pervasive scam affecting all levels of society.

The Union government must stop defending this anti-student, anti-social justice, and anti-poor NEET system, he said, in a statement here.

The ongoing controversies around NEET highlight its fundamentally inequitable nature, he said.

“In a society where education has been denied for thousands of years, we should offer more opportunities for advancement of the oppressed”, he added.

Mr Stalin said on the contrary, NEET hinders the opportunities of such students.

Despite the Union Education Minister’s defense of the National Testing Agency (NTA), recent events paint a different picture.

The Gujarat Police have registered an FIR over allegations of invigilators tampering with OMR sheets in exchange for monetary benefits, involving cheques worth several crore rupees and eight blank cheques.

This conspiracy, implicating a school principal, a physics teacher, and several NEET coaching centres, underscores the urgent need for systemic change.

From martyr Anitha to the countless students who have tragically taken their own lives, we have witnessed enough and NEET has repeatedly revealed itself as a pervasive scam affecting all levels of society, Mr Stalin said.

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