NATO to help Seoul in event of serious security threats

Seoul, June 25 (UNI) NATO countries will help Seoul in the event of serious security threats to South Korea, South Korean Defense Minister Shin Won-sik said.

“If you ask for an opinion on cooperation with NATO, I think we should be active, and NATO is the mainstream of UNC member states. We should not do that, but if there is serious security instability in our country, it is certain that not only the countries belonging to the UN agency but also other NATO members will support us. I think the deeper our security cooperation with NATO, the higher our war deterrence,” Shin was quoted as saying by the Maeil Business Newspaper on Monday.

The minister also refused to elaborate on the areas of cooperation with NATO, stating that the agreements are “not yet at a level that can be disclosed.”

He added that South Korea’s security rests on three pillars: Seoul’s military capabilities, the alliance with the United States, and cooperation with countries that share common values with South Korea, including countries participating in the United Nations Command.

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