Names of four Scindia supporter ministers not in BJP’s 4th list

Uneasiness increases; ministers still confident, trust Scindia’s influence

Harish Dubey, Gwalior
Concern and confusion in the palace camp of BJP has increased as the names of four pro-Scindia ministers representing Gwalior Chambal division in the state cabinet do not appear in the fourth list of BJP.

The leaders of the pro-Scindia camp, through their sources in power and organization, are trying to find out whether the tickets of these leaders, who sacrificed their ministerial posts and legislature during rebellion against Kamal Nath, have been permanently cut or whether they have been put on hold and would be included in the upcoming lists. Gwalior Chambal ministers, considered loyal to Scindia, whose names don’t figure even in the fourth list of BJP include Mahendra Singh Sisodia, Brijendra Singh Yadav, OPS Bhadoria and Suresh Rathkheda Dhakad.

7 Scindia loyalist ministers got ticket

However, seven ministers loyal to Scindia got tickets. They are energy minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar (Gwalior), water resources minister Tulsi Silavat (Sanwer, Indore district); industrial policy and investment promotion minister Rajvardhan Singh Dattigoan (Badnawar, Dhar district); public health and family welfare minister Prabhuram Chaudhary (Sanchi, Raisen district), revenue minister Govind Singh Rajput (Surkhi, Sagar district), food minister Bisahulal Singh (Anuppur, district of same name), and environment minister Hardeep Singh Dang (Suwasra, Mandsaur district).

Pawaiya was also a contender  for Gwalior seat

Scindia supporter, Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar directs the politics of the palace camp in Gwalior district.

The name of senior BJP leader Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya was also being considered for Gwalior seat, but call it Scindia’s influence or the far-reaching strategy of BJP’s election managers that the party didn’t think it appropriate to take the risk of changing the electoral scenario of Gwalior.

Earlier Pawaiya was Pradyuman’s rival

The special thing is that when Pradyuman was in Congress, Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya was his rival. Pradyumna and Pawaiya faced each other thrice in the election field in 2008, 13 and 18, once Pavaiya won and twice Pradyumna hoisted the flag of victory. However, this will be Pradyuman Singh’s fifth consecutive election, thrice on Congress ticket and twice as BJP candidate.

Like his leader Scindia, Pradyuman Singh was also a staunch Congressman, but after Scindia’s crossover to BJP Pradyuman also joined the saffron party. He has been successful in making his relations better with Pawaiya. He took the initiative to work with Pawaiya by visiting his residence.

Who Pradyuman Singh will face this time

Now the question arises who Pradyuman Singh will face this time in Gwalior. In the last by-election, Congress had fielded its state general secretary Sunil Sharma against him, hence this time also Sunil is busy in preparations, considering himself as the Congress candidate. But along with him, about half a dozen more Congress leaders have staked claim on the ticket.

Uncertainty in BJP on Mehgaon and Pohari seats

On the other hand, there is a situation of uncertainty in BJP’s Mehgaon and Pohari seats even after the release of the fourth list. Both the pro-Scindia ministers OPS Bhadoria and Suresh Rathkheda are trying their best to save their tickets. Both these ministers still remain confident about the ticket, relying on the influence of their leader Scindia.

While the claim of Yashodhara Raje’s supporter Prahlad Bharti has become an obstacle in finalizing the ticket of Suresh Rathkheda in Pohri, the name of Kailash Kushwaha has emerged most prominently from Congress on this seat. On the other hand, about half a dozen claimants have emerged in BJP for Mehgaon seat.

  • Yadav won three consecutive elections in 32 months
  • The ticket of Minister of State Brajendra Singh Yadav is also stuck on Mungaoli seat of the division. However he holds the record of winning three consecutive elections from the same constituency in a span of just 32 months, that too with an increase in the victory margin each time (2018 by-election, 2018 general election, 2020 by-election).
  • Yadav was elected for the first time in the 2018 by-election after the death of Mahendra Singh Kalukheda but this time his name has not been decided yet. A similar situation of dilemma and confusion is present in BJP with Mahendra Singh Sisodia, who became MLA for the third time from Bamori seat.

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