MPs, MLAs should monitor development and public welfare works: Yogi

Gorakhpur, June 16 (UNI) Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday urged all the MPs, MLAs, and other public representatives to consistently monitor development and welfare projects stressing that public representatives should ensure that eligible individuals in their areas benefit from government welfare schemes.

Addressing public representatives from the Gorakhpur division, the CM encouraged them to propose new development initiatives to enhance the progress of the state further.

He congratulated newly elected MPs and commended the efforts of MLAs who worked diligently during the Lok Sabha elections.

In an informal gathering, Yogi received updates from all the MLAs present regarding the progress of ongoing development and welfare projects in their respective regions. Emphasising that development is an ongoing process, he urged the representatives to proactively prepare proposals to cover all potential areas for development.

He highlighted the importance of ensuring that eligible individuals who have not yet benefited from any government scheme are identified and connected to both the central and the state government initiatives.

The CM emphasised that in a democracy, the people hold supreme importance. He underscored the responsibility of representatives to attentively address public issues and expectations, and to propel development and welfare initiatives accordingly.

He said that public satisfaction is the true measure of a representative’s work and urged them to build and maintain the trust of the people.

During the meeting, Yogi also discussed the assembly-wise performance of the party in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections and appealed to all the public representatives to start working on the upcoming target from now on.

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