Metro coaches connected, testing starts

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
After the arrival of metro coaches in the capital, the process of connecting and testing them has started. A team of more than 50 people, including senior engineers, technical experts and supervisors are engaged in this work on the inspection bay line built in Subhash Nagar depot.

After the arrival of three coaches from Sanwali (Vadodara) in Gujarat, preparations for the trial run of Bhopal Metro have also started. After connecting the three coaches, apart from their mechanical and electrical, software testing has also been started. Work is going on 24 hours in three shifts in the Subhash Nagar depot. Apart from Metro Rail, employees of Alstom Transport India Limited, which manufactures Metro, are also here.

Every coach will have an antibacterial and antiviral system. The trial run of the metro will be completed anytime on or around 25th September. To complete the trial run of the metro train on time, a team of more than 3 thousand people is working day and night on the trial route. A team of engineers from outside has also been deployed for technical work. Many works are going on simultaneously in Subhash Nagar depot.

Engineers doing this work

The work of connecting the wires of the train parked at the stabling bay of Subhash Nagar depot is going on. For this, a team of engineers from coach manufacturing company Alstom has also come to Bhopal. On one hand, the work of connecting all three coaches of the train is going on. At the same time, interior work is also being done in full swing. According to the information, after landing the metro coach on the track, now other processes including testing are being completed. Testing and other work takes 15 to 20 days, but it will be done quickly.

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