Mauganj resident first to avail PM Shri Air Ambulance facility

Bhopal: Deputy Chief Minister Rajendra Shukla has said that the government is committed to providing excellent health services to every citizen. Continuous efforts are being made for the availability of manpower along with the arrangement of medical infrastructure and advanced medical technology.

The Deputy CM said that ‘PM Shri Air Ambulance Service’ is an important initiative to provide high-level medical services to the citizens in emergency. The availability of proper medical service in emergency will save the lives of serious victims.

Deputy CM Shukla took cognizance of the need for air ambulance facility for the provision of high level health services in the complaint of serious heart attack to Tiwari of Mauganj. He directed the administrative and departmental officers to provide the service easily. He remained connected with this subject so that the patient and the family do not face any inconvenience. He has instructed the departmental officials to keep monitoring the patient’s health. Deputy CM Shukla has wished for the speedy recovery of the patient Tiwari.

Tiwari of Mauganj is the first beneficiary to avail the free facility of PM Shri Air Ambulance. 50-year-old Tiwari, an Ayushman card holder, was sent from Rewa to Bhopal for treatment by providing air ambulance facility. Tiwari, a resident of village Judmania Murali near Devtalab in Mauganj district, suffered pain in the heart on the night of June 23. He suffered a serious heart attack. After initial treatment, his condition improved slightly. When there was no improvement as expected, the doctors referred Tiwari to Bhopal. He was sent to Bhopal at 7 pm via air ambulance. Two family members have also gone to Bhopal with him.


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