Matter Of Shame That Despite Achieving Our Freedom, We Are Not Independent : Mamata

Kolkata, (UNI) West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday said, ” It is a matter of shame that despite achieving our freedom, we are not Independent. Is there Independence in Kashmir? ”

” The PM made tall claims about Bengal panchayat polls despite being a Prime Minister. This was not befitting of the PM’s chair. But what about Tripura? 93% of the seats were uncontested during the panchayat polls there. Similar situation was observed in Assam.

40% of seats were uncontested in Uttar Pradesh. People are being shot at in courts, ” she stated.

” Over 1,000 people were killed in police encounters Recently, we saw our wrestlers being tortured during their protest while their perpetrator was contesting elections. They want to grab power through brute force.

I want to pose two questions to Prime Minister: Is Kashmir independent or not? Is Manipur independent or not? ” she questioned.

” In Manipur, there is a lack of basic necessities for the people. There is no milk for infants or drinking water for the residents. Ahead of Independence Day, my heart is crying for Kashmir, Manipur, and the rest of the country. They set Haryana on fire and people from West Bengal were one of the most affected people there. ”

” I asked our Chief Secretary to speak to his counterpart in Haryana. If they have problems with Bengalis there, they can send them back to us. We will reserve the trains and berths for the same. If I have half a roti, I will offer the same to them, ” she said.

” So many people from Bihar work in Bengal and vice versa. Same is the case with Uttar Pradesh. The gold factories in Mumbai are run by Muslims of Bengal. There are countless examples. We have over 17 lakh migrant workers who worked outside of Bengal and over 30-40% of migrant workers from other states work here, ” she added.

” During the construction of the Jagannath Temple in Digha, migrant workers from Rajasthan met me. Did I ask them why they came from Rajasthan? Then why are these questions being raised for the people of Bengal? ”

” ED-CBI inquiries are unleashed against all Opposition leaders and Chief Ministers.

ED officials were sent to the houses of NCP leaders, who later switched to the BJP.

They submitted to BJP in fear and were rewarded with the post of deputy chief minister. BJP has emerged as “Washing Powder Bhajpa”. ”

” They are twisting history for their own political agenda. Why should PM’s photograph be there on Covid [vaccination] certificate? How many photos does he want? Which central minister came to Bengal during Covid? I travelled to various areas and ensured that our people and workers sent food to every house. They have even fudged the data involving Covid deaths. ”

” How much black money was collected due to demonetisation? How many people received the benefits of the Ujjwala Scheme? They delay the perks based on elections. The moment polls near, they claim transferring Rs 15 lakh to every bank account. But once elections are over, one cannot find them. ”

” They have sold the country. Everyone is leaving the country. 70,000-75,000 businesses have left the country in fear of ED-CBI. If somebody has committed a crime, conduct an investigation and fair trial if there is evidence. The verdict must be delivered within a set timeframe. But, one cannot hold someone for their entire lifetime. People are being held in jails for years without any trial or evidence. There is no justice. ”

” We have our faith in the judiciary. But they give threats and snatch everything away. Law Minister instructs the judges to give specific verdicts for special cases. Those who work independently without fear are singled out. Supreme Court Chief Justice Mr. Chandrachud announced a selection committee panel for the appointment of election commissioners. But, they ignored it and said that the Cabinet Minister will replace CJI. This is a matter of shame. ”

” It means that they cannot take a fair decision with the CJI and hence needed to replace him with the Cabinet Minister. This is done to hack and loot EVMs. This is why we have come up with INDIA. When they were discussing the name, I suggested going for INDIA. ”

” Since they could not brand the alliance as Pakistan or China sympathisers, they chose to give the slogan: QUIT INDIA! They have forgotten that the slogan was given by Father of the Nation and called for the removal of Britishers, and not Swadeshi. ”

” Are they asking all Opposition leaders to leave the country so that they can implement One Party, One Rule, and One Government? If there are no people left, how can there be a democracy? They are running bulldozers and using muscle power to do whatever they want. We won’t accept this. In the coming six months, they will conduct a lot of atrocities on us. I have suffered torture my entire life. First, it was the CPI(M) and now, it is the Prime Minister and the Home Minister. ”

” As many as 30 of my workers were killed by BJP and CPI(M). They sent 160 teams to Bengal to investigate us but how many teams were sent to Uttar Pradesh during riots?

How many teams were sent when Bilkis Bano’s perpetrators were let go? How many teams were sent for wrestlers? How many teams were sent to Manipur? How many teams were sent to Maharashtra where the state government was toppled?, ” she asked.

” Media trials in Bengal malign our state and our leaders. Fake news is being spread using YouTube. Clips from movies in different regions are being circulated as atrocities against women in Bengal. There is no limit to their lies, conspiracy, and fake news. They threaten IPS officers with dire consequences if they refuse to tow the BJP line. So many universities do not have vice-chancellors but Governor does not sign our Bills. An IPS officer from Kerala was made the vice-chancellor instead of a professor. ”

” No matter what file I send, he either calls Chief Secretary, DG, or me. He should act as per the duties assigned to his constitutional post. Taking note of the concerns of our students, I moved the proposal to rename West Bengal as Bangla. But it has been pending for days · We are no longer Independent under BJP’s rule. There is no guarantee for our money in banks and LIC. They keep introducing new currency notes to convert their black money into white and put the burden on the people to stand in queues and replace the notes. ”

” Today, they don’t talk about Gandhi ji but those who killed him. I do not use teleprompters while all their speeches are written. When they come to Bengal, they memorise a quote by Rabindranath Tagore or Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. It seems like they have forgotten about Gandhi. They garland his killers. ”

” They garland Ambedkar only for optics because they want to woo the Scheduled Caste and their votes. December 25 holiday was erased. Over 300 churches were set on fire in Manipur. Mosques have been set on fire. ”

” If Manipur, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu, and Kashmir are crying, can we say that we are staying in an independent country?

They have looted our freedom through bulldozers and destroyed our federal structure.

One is not allowed to enter BJP-ruled states. When our leaders tried to visit Tripura, Abhishek Banerjee, Sushmita Dev, and Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar were assaulted. ”

” A BJP actor cried on camera here. After I saw the video, I immediately asked the police to reach the spot. Later, we got to know that nothing had happened. Nobody tried to verify whether the alleged incident took place or not. Today, we must pledge that on the next Independence Day, Team INDIA should hoist the national flag at Red Fort in Delhi and give the call to Save India, Save Human Being, and Save the Country. ”

” They often boast about Gujarat. If Gujarat is the model, Bengal is the medal. As per NITI Aayog, the poverty reduction rate in Bengal stood at 9.4% whereas in Gujarat it stood at 6.8%. The rate of progress for reduction of malnutrition in Bengal is 6.3% compared to 3% in Bengal…Unemployment increased by 45% across the country whereas employment in Bengal increased by 40%. ”

” Modi Babu, how did Bengal win so many awards in the implementation of its schemes? Why did Kanyashree get recognition and Durga Puja for the UNESCO heritage tag? Why did Kolkata become the safest city in the country? ”

” Garibi Hatao programme has become the Garib Hatao programme. PM Modi is renaming the programmes named after Gandhi and inserting his own name everywhere. ”

” If we have the blessings of the people, TEAM INDIA will win the elections slated to take place after six months. Vote for Trinamool Congress in Bengal and for INDIA alliance partners in the states where they are strong. Bengal doesn’t want the “Chair” and Bengal doesn’t engage in corruption. A few mistakes should not be branded as corruption by those who are drowning in corruption. They do not take any action against corruption but we do. ”

“In the 76th year of Independence, we must question if we are really independent. We had enjoyed political freedom earlier but the same is not the case anymore. Today, Pegasus has taken away political freedom. The Centre does not allow democratically-elected state governments to work and is using bulldozers to stop our programmes and block our money. ”

” However, they cannot fight me on this because I do not allow their schematics to starve Bengal. Today, they have blocked the funds for homes and roads in Bengal. They have deprived our people of the wages due under 100 Days of Work. Even our women, who were engaged in manual labour, were not paid their dues amounting to Rs 7,000 crore. ”

” The law mandates that the wages for 100 Days of Work must be disbursed within 15 days since NREGA is a guaranteed programme. This money is not just given by the Centre but also by state governments through sales tax, excise duty and VAT. The Central government imposed one tax called GST in exchange for all. But, they are neither giving us our share nor central funds for welfare schemes. In total, the Centre has blocked Rs 1.15 lakh crore. “

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