Make preparations for state level program: Governor

  • World Sickle Cell Day: Patel takes review meeting of Health Dept

Bhopal: Ensure dignified preparations for the state level program to be organized in Dindori on the occasion of World Sickle Cell Day. All the arrangements for this program to be held under the special hospitality of the Vice President should be smooth and well organized. The above instructions were given by Governor Patel in the review meeting of the Health Department. Additional Chief Secretary Public Health Family Welfare Mo. Suleman, Principal Secretary to the Governor Mukesh Chand Gupta, Chairman of Tribal Cell Deepak Khandekar were present in the meeting held in Jawahar Khand of Raj Bhavan.

The Health Department presented a PPT based on the preparations for the Dindori program of June 19 before Governor Patel. Patel said that programs should be organized across the state, especially in tribal dominated districts. Invite local and newly elected public representatives to the program. Patel discussed all the arrangements for camps, sickle cell testing, treatment, marriage counseling, lifestyle counseling, medicine distribution, card distribution etc. in the main program as well as in the programs of the districts and gave necessary instructions. Governor Patel said that the villages and areas where sickle cell screening work has been completed 100 percent should be honored.

Increasing the number of Nikshay Mitras

Governor Mangubhai Patel reviewed the National Tuberculosis Eradication Program in the meeting. He said that the cooperation of Nikshay Mitras is necessary for TB eradication. Increasing the number of Nikshay Mitras is our priority. To increase the number of Nikshay Mitras, their cooperation should also be obtained by coordinating with local business associations and Chamber of Commerce etc. Governor Patel reviewed the Prime Minister TB Free India Campaign and discussed points like nutrition assistance, district-wise review of Nikshay Mitras, food basket distribution etc. and gave necessary instructions. He expressed satisfaction with the progress of Madhya Pradesh in the TB Free India Campaign and congratulated the management team.

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