LoP Ashoka accuses Siddaramaiah of exploiting caste divisions

Bengaluru, June 29 (UNI) Amid internal discord within the Congress, R Ashoka, Leader of the Opposition (LoP) in the Karnataka Assembly, on Saturday accused Chief Minister Siddaramaiah of exploiting caste divisions to maintain political control.

“The Congress is in turmoil over leadership positions,” Ashoka noted, highlighting the party’s internal strife.

Speaking at Chikkaballapura, Ashoka observed, “There is evident discord within the ruling Congress, underscored by concerns from Vokkaliga Seers. There is a rush to appoint three Deputy CMs and replace the Chief Minister.”

“Now, leaders from the Vokkaliga and Lingayat communities are raising alarms, soon followed by Kuruba community leaders. Resorting to caste politics is unjust,” he asserted.

Ashoka pointed out that amid inflationary pressures, the purported Rs 2,000 per family claimed by the Congress translates into a net loss of Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000 for the average citizen.

He also highlighted the ripple effects of fuel price increases on commodity prices, anticipated bus fare hikes following local body elections without allocated funds for transport corporations, pending milk subsidies, and an upcoming rise in liquor prices slated for July.

Ashoka expressed concern over the Congress party’s increasing confrontational approach towards the central government.

He further emphasised that even if funds were allocated by the central government for Karnataka’s development projects, the state’s insufficient resources would hinder meeting its required contribution.

He also highlighted stagnant development and attributed fatalities from contaminated water and unchecked dengue cases to the government’s failure to ensure clean drinking water.

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