July 1st is historic and important for nation: CM

Bhopal: CM Dr. Mohan Yadav has said that today, July 1st, has historical significance. The implementation of the new judicial system is starting under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the changing of the three laws prevalent since the British era. CM Dr. Yadav, on behalf of the Council of Ministers, thanked Prime Minister Modi for the new system. CM Dr. Yadav said that from today, important changes have also been made in the field of transportation in the state. A new system related to checkposts on the Gujarat pattern is being implemented in the checkpoints of the state. CM Dr. Mohan Yadav said this in his address before the Cabinet meeting held in the committee room of the Assembly. The meeting started with the rendition of Vande Mataram.

Chief Minister Dr. Yadav said that Prime Minister Modi deserves congratulations for establishing the new justice system in the country based on the Indian judicial system and concept and the tradition of Panch Parmeshwar. Union Home Minister Amit Shah has finalized the drafts of new laws after approximately four hundred hours of hard work, various meetings, and extensive discussions. Now the Indian Penal Code will be called the Code of Justice, connecting it with our judicial tradition. The British had the right to punish, but now our system will establish the tradition of justice. In this, justice will not be meted out blindfolded but with eyes open.

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