J&K: New laws will maintain balance to win any war: DGP Swain

Srinagar, July 1 (UNI) Director General of J&K Police R R Swain on Monday said that the three new criminal laws under ‘Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita’ (BNS) will maintain a balance to win any war while keeping the constitution intact.

“These laws keep a tremendous balance keeping in mind the constitutional values and morality that will provide public safety, security, national security, and national integrity”, DGP Swain told media persons in Srinagar on Monday.

He said BNS will also enable us to win the war against terrorism.

He said during the past three decades about 45000 people were killed including 6000 security personnel.

“The truth will prevail only when we will work without any fear and the normal law also demands the law will only work when there is no fear and if does it is minimal”, he said and added, “If the volume of fear rises the system is being hijacked with the terror or fear then those only who are committing a crime are alleging such rule of laws do not exist”.

He said to minimize the fear, to bring the rule of law has become necessary.

DGP said that so far the police and security forces have strongly fought the battle to control bombs and gun culture.

“But now with the implementation of new laws it is an enabler, a helper framework by which we can fight those who have disturbed the law and order under the rule of law with responsibility keeping in view our limitations and punish them accordingly in the court of law,” he said.

Asked that encounter and search operations are being conducted in new places where militancy does not exist, DGP Swain said that it is evident that locals are very little involved in it. It is at an all-time low today.

He said these attempts are being made by the foreign terrorists to infiltrate this side for terrorism.

He said there (across the border) are terror factories, camps, and organizations that are operating from there with which their business shops are running.

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