‘Jadugoda – The Land of Magic’ screened at 19th Mumbai Intl Film Festival

Mumbai, June 20 (UNI) “Jadugoda – The Land of Magic” was screened at the prestigious 19th Mumbai International Film Festival, receiving an overwhelming response.

The film featured in the International Non-Competition Section of Short Films up to 30 minutes, within the MIFF Prism category at the FD NFDC Complex.

This 20-minute short film in Hindi depicts the anomalies caused by uranium in Jadugoda, a small town in the East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand State. Jadugoda, meaning ‘The Land of Magic’, is also home to one of the finest uranium ores, magnesium diuranate, crucial for India’s nuclear ambitions.

The narrative focuses on Dama, a 45-year-old farmer from Dungridih, a tribal village in Jadugoda, who dreams of getting his daughter, Rupni, married amidst challenging times.

The film, directed by Satish Munda and written by Ashwini Pankaj, was shot at various locations in Jharkhand.

The screenplay and dialogues were crafted by Rupesh Kumar Sahu and Satish Munda.

Bollywood actor Harish Khanna and Jharkhand’s Chanda Mehra played the lead roles. Kartik Kumar Bhagat handled the cinematography, with sync sound recording by Satish Tiriya. The film was produced by Ultra Media and Entertainment Group.

Satish Munda, a native of Ranchi, approximately 150 km from Jadugoda, has been familiar with the stories and realities of the town since his childhood. Munda is a graduate of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII).

Rajat Agrawal, Director of Ultra Media & Entertainment Group, stated, “We took extreme care in showcasing this sensitive subject, ensuring that the viewer connects with it and the ground realities surrounding it in an engaging way. This approach helps them resonate with the sufferings of the people in Jadugoda in a pragmatic manner.”

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