Intermittent showers drench Bhopal, more rain expected

Bhopal: capital city of Madhya Pradesh experienced intermittent light to moderate showers starting from noon on Monday, providing much-needed respite from the summer heat. The showers, which began around 12 noon, have been sporadically continuing throughout the day, refreshing the city’s environment.

Residents welcomed the rains, which brought down temperatures and cleared the air. Streets, parks, and markets saw people enjoying the change in weather, albeit with umbrellas and raincoats in hand. Despite the wet conditions, there are no reports of significant water-logging or traffic disruptions. However, residents of some low lying localities have complained of water-logging.

Meteorological Department officials have forecasted that this pattern of intermittent showers is likely to persist over the next few days. “We are expecting similar weather conditions in Bhopal for the remainder of the week. Light to moderate rain will continue at irregular intervals,” said an official from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). “These showers are part of the monsoon system moving across central India, bringing relief to several regions.”

Farmers in the surrounding regions are particularly pleased, as the rain is beneficial for the Kharif crops, including soybeans, paddy, and maize. As Bhopal continues to enjoy the cool, rainy weather, the city’s populace remains hopeful that these showers will pave the way for a prosperous monsoon season, crucial for both agriculture and water resources in the region.

Rainfall at many places in MP

Besides Bhopal, rainfall occurred at many places in Madhya Pradesh during the last 24 hours. There is a possibility of rain at many other places in the state including the capital Bhopal on Tuesday.

According to the scientists of Meteorological Center Bhopal, the maximum rainfall during the last 24 hours occurred in Seoni, where 61.6 mm rainfall was recorded. Similarly, 44.4 mm rainfall was recorded in Satna, 40.6 mm in Khajuraho, 25.7 mm in Narmadapuram, 21.2 mm in Guna, 21 mm in Raisen, 20.8 mm in Gwalior, 19.2 mm in Umaria, 16.2 mm in Jabalpur, 14.8 mm in Khargone.

Similarly, 6 mm rainfall was recorded in the capital, 3 mm in Khandwa and other places. In the capital Bhopal, after a humid day yesterday, the weather suddenly changed at night and the sky was covered with thick clouds. And the rain started late at night and continued till morning.

Meteorologists said that due to the formation of different weather systems, this sequence of rain is continuing in the state and there is a possibility of rain at many places even on Tuesday.

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