ABVP activists perform Sarswati-Puja in Saint Mary PG College Vidisha


Chronicle Reporter, Vidisha ABVP activists in Vidisha decided to perform Puja of Sarswati Ma in Saint Mary’s P.G. college, for which first they tried to take permission from the management committee of the college. But when permission was not granted , ABVP activists decided to perform Puja on Thursday. Seeing this Local Administration Collector ordered for deploying the five executive Magistrates in the Saint Mary’s P.G. college. Two inside the college and three at the periphery of the college. All the magistrates took over the their position in the morning of Thursday. Heavy police troops were deployed in the campus on thursday. Police was also called from Bhopal. Traffic was not allowed on the road. Hindu Hard-Core organization reached the campus and pressurized the administration for Puja, but when Collector did not permit the ABVP activists, so they performed the puja outside. ABVP students studying in the college closed the gates of class-room and performed the puja in their class rooms also.

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