Imarti Devi’s credibility hangs in balance in Dabra

Bhopal: With just five days remaining for the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections-2023, political speculations are rife, particularly regarding the fate of pro-Scindia leaders. Imarti Devi is one such figure striving to salvage her political career in the Dabra assembly seat.

This constituency, historically held by the Congress, witnessed Suresh Raje, the BJP candidate in the 2018 elections, face defeat. However, in the 2020 by-election, Raje, having switched parties, emerged victorious against Imarti Devi, marking a dynamic shift as both candidates changed their political affiliations—from Congress to BJP and vice versa.

Dabra a stronghold for Congress

Dabra Assembly seat, located in the hometown of State Home Minister Narottam Mishra, is deemed a stronghold for the Congress party. Reserved for Scheduled Castes in 2008, the constituency has consistently remained under Congress control. As the elections approach on November 17, Imarti Devi is the Bharatiya Janata Party’s candidate, while Congress has nominated Suresh Raje.

In the previous by-election of 2020, Suresh Raje, having traversed from Congress to BJP, secured a compelling victory over Imarti Devi. Raje garnered 75,689 votes, while Imarti Devi trailed with 68,056 votes, resulting in a 7,633-vote margin. Notably, the contest primarily unfolded between the BJP and Congress, with the BSP candidate securing a distant third place with 4,883 votes.

Imarti’s defeat brought party’s internal strife to fore

Imarti Devi faced defeat in the 2020 by-election, attributing her loss to various factors. This defeat brought internal strife within the BJP to the forefront, exposing divisions within the party. Despite facing setbacks, Imarti Devi is once again the BJP candidate in this election, putting not only her credibility but also Scindia’s on the line.

With just a few days left until voting day, the stakes are high for both Scindia, working to preserve his credibility, and Congress, seeking to retain its stronghold in Dabra.

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