Guna collector’s son falls victim to cyber scam

  • Duped in name of reward point redemption

Bhopal: Instances of cyber fraud are on the rise in Madhya Pradesh, with reports of fraudsters depleting accounts by luring individuals into their schemes. In a recent case in Guna, fraudsters targeted the son of the collector through an online scam.

The collector’s son received a web link supposedly offering reward points redemption, which led to a page identical to the State Bank of India (SBI) website. Subsequently, three one-time passwords (OTPs) were sent, and upon entering them, Rs 2.08 lakh was deducted from the account in three transactions.

This incident occurred on May 3, prompting the collector’s son to file a First Information Report (FIR) at the Cantt police station on June 10.

OTP was generated on clicking the link

Premanshu, the son of Collector Satendra Singh, informed the police that on May 3, he received a web link from a mobile number offering to redeem SBI reward points. Upon clicking the link, an OTP was generated. After entering the OTP on the linked page, Rs 50,000 was deducted from the account

Call came again and money was deducted twice

Premanshu received another call, where the individual identified as an SBI customer care executive claimed there was an issue with redeeming points due to incorrect OTP entries. Subsequently, two additional OTPs were sent to Premanshu’s mobile. Upon submitting these OTPs as well, Rs 98,500 and Rs 60,000 were deducted from the account in two separate transactions.

What is reward point redemption?

Reward points are used to encourage you to use credit cards and debit cards as much as possible. Once you accumulate a certain number of points, you are given rewards or some benefits. This is called redeeming. These benefits are often in the form of discounts or cashback.

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