Govt transformed mindset towards education through NEP: PM

Varanasi, Sep 23 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that through the new National Education Policy, the government has changed the old mindset about the educational system, and now the schools are becoming modern and the classes are becoming smart.

While addressing the closing ceremony of Kashi Sansad Sanskritik Mahotsav at Rudraksh International Cooperation and Convention Centre in Varanasi, the PM said, “With the New Education Policy, the government has completely transformed the old mindset about the education system. Schools are becoming modern, and classes are becoming smart. Thousands of schools in the country are being modernized through the PM Shri scheme and are being equipped with modern technology.”

He also inaugurated 16 Atal Awasiya Vidyalayas built across Uttar Pradesh at a cost of about Rs 1,115 crores. He launched the portal for the registration of Kashi Sansad Khel Pratiyogita.

The PM also handed over the prizes to the winners of Kashi Sansad Sanskritik Mahotsav. During this, he interacted with the students of Atal Awasiya Vidyalayas before the event.

Addressing the gathering, Modi said that the respect for Kashi has continuously grown with the blessings of Lord Mahadev and that the policies for the city are reaching new heights. He highlighted the contributions of Kashi to the success of the G20 Summit and mentioned that those who visited the city have taken back with them the service, flavours, culture, and music of Kashi.

He said that the success of the G20 Summit is owed to the blessing of Lord Mahadev. He said that, with the blessings of Mahadev, Kashi is scaling unprecedented dimensions of development.

Talking about the international cricket stadium for which he laid the foundation stone today in Varanasi and the dedication of 16 Atal residential schools, the Prime Minister congratulated the people of Kashi, UP, and the families of the construction workers.

He emphasized that his vision for the development of Kashi as an MP of this constituency since 2014 is finally becoming a reality. He applauded the vast participation in the Kashi Sanskritik Mahotsav and expressed gratitude for getting the opportunity to connect with the various talents of the region.

Modi said that even after the first edition of the Mahotsav, approximately 40,000 artists took part, and millions of visitors thronged the venue to witness it. He expressed confidence that the Kashi Sansad Sanskritik Mahotsav will create a new identity for itself in the coming times with the support of the people.

He said that Kashi is becoming a center of attraction for tourists around the world. He said that Kashi and culture are the two names of the same energy, and Kashi has the distinction of being the cultural capital of India. He said it is natural that music flows in every corner of the city; after all, this is the city of Natraj himself.

The PM said that Mahadev was the source of all art forms. Citing local festivals and celebrations, he said that everything in Kashi is steeped in music and arts.

While mentioning the Teliya Gharana, Pyari Gharana, and the musicians of Ramapura Kabirchowra Muhalla, Modi said that Varanasi has produced many greats in music that have left a mark on the global stage.

Referring to the portal of Kashi Saansad Khel Pratiyogita, which was launched on Saturday, he said that whether it is Khel Partiyogita or the Kashi Sansad Sanskritik Mahotsav, it is just the beginning of new traditions in Kashi.

He announced that Kashi Sansad Gyan Pratiyogita will also be organised now. “Effort is to increase awareness about the culture, cuisine, and art of Kashi”, he said. Kashi Sansad Gyan Pratiyogita will be organised in rural and urban areas of Kashi at different levels,” he said.

The PM said the people of the city are the most knowledgeable about Kashi, and every resident is a true brand ambassador of Kashi. In order to equip them to communicate this knowledge properly, he proposed to strengthen the system of quality tourist guides who could describe the city properly.

He said that for this, a Kashi Saansad Tourist Guide competition will also be organised. “I want to do this because I want the world to know about my Kashi. I want the tourist guides of Kashi to be the most respected in the world,” he said.

Underlining that many scholars from across the world visit Kashi to learn Sanskrit, Modi said that Atal Awasiya Vidyalays have been inaugurated at the cost of Rs 1100 crores while keeping this belief in mind.

He said that these schools have been inaugurated to impart quality education to the kids of those who belong to weaker sections of society, including construction workers. “Children of those who lost their lives during the Covid pandemic will be admitted to these schools at zero fees,” he said.

The PM said that facilities for music, arts, crafts, technology, and sports, apart from the usual courses, will also be made available. He said that on the lines of Atal Schools, 1 lakh Eklavya Residential Schools were being set up for the tribal society in the country.

Referring to the budget that is available to all the states for taking care of children of migrant labour, Modi said that many states used these funds for electorally opportunistic purposes, while UP under Chief Minister Yogi used it for the future of children from the poor sections of society.

He praised the students of the residential school for their confidence. “Mark my words, within the next 10 years you will see the glory of Kashi coming out of these schools,” he said.

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